Membership Benefits

     The PSMA is a unique organization, combining the marketing professionals of service industries throughout the city. Bringing together the creative and business development minds of law, accounting, banking, architecture, engineering and other professional service firms, the organization is comprised of like-minded individuals with one main goal: Making Connections.

    This group, while in some cases comprised of “competitors,” works together to overcome consistent obstacles and stay updated on trends. Through educational session, networking events and one-on-one discussions, the members of the PSMA work together to teach, share, brainstorm and plan, all while maintaining a respect for one another’s business and objectives.

    Joining the PSMA gives fellow marketing professionals a “team,” especially in the cases of “marketing departments of one,” to bounce ideas, connect and expand resources.

    Increase your benefits as a member!

    Take advantage of these opportunities in order to fully maximize the benefits of your PSMA membership:

    • Participate on a PSMA Committee

    • Attend all the PSMA programs –educational and social

    • Ask a fellow member to join you for coffee or lunch to discuss an issue that you need guidance on.

    • Use the materials on our website and social media channels

    • Talk to sponsors about how they can help you achieve your goals

    For more information about joining the PSMA, contact Stephanie K. McHale, Membership Committee Chair, at [email protected].